Available activities

Since 2007, we have been living in Tettingen-Butzdorf, a small village
in Germany (Saarland) in the 3-borders-region of Germany/Luxembourg/France.
Our female donkeys Lola and Lisa arrived here in August 2010, Momo was
born here in April 2011 but has since died in November 2012.
Lilli joined us in October 2011. Then in December 2012, we adopted the 2
sisters Paula and Ida and we love taking our donkeys for walks in our
beautiful region.


- Bring your own cake and drinks
- Wear sturdy footwear and clothing, bring a cycle helmet if you have
one (we can lend you one, too)
- Children stay under the supervision of their parents or educators
during their stay.
- At least one adult needs to be available to accompany the children
- The accompanying adult is in charge of lifting the kids into the
donkey saddle.
- Please remember to take your rubbish home.

We offer various options (prices valid from January 2018):

1) Birthday party

(max 15 children, 3 hours)
price: €100 (up to 7 children)
+ €14/per additional child
€5/adult (2 adults free)
At least one adult to accompany the children)

walking with donkeys, looking after them, stories and info on donkeys,
barefoot path, discovering nature, arts and crafts, games...

2)For school classes

3-4 hours
€200 (€35/hour additional time)

walking with donkeys, looking after them, stories and info on donkeys,
barefoot path, discovering nature, optional farm visit (additional
expense), games...

For school classes and other groups:

walk to the Roman Villa in Borg (guided visit and film). Please book
with us.

3) Individual walk

- Short walk, around 2 hours
Max 3 people
price: €60 +€10 additional person
Walk itself is 1 hour and includes combing the donkeys and looking after

- Longer walk , around 4 hours
€100 +€15 additional person

- Walk to Roman Villa at Borg
minimum 8 people, 5-6 hours
€15 children under 12 years of age

4) A donkey's day

As requested during school breaks.
Minimum 5 children, €50/child from 9.30am until 4.30pm

Donkey activities, cooking together, story telling, arts and crafts,
other animals!, walking with donkeys

You can purchase small and large gifts in our little shop as well as
donkey souvenirs

If requested, we can arrange other activities, just contact us and have
a chat. We also offer gift vouchers
If you wish to get in touch, please use the KONTAKT page, send us an
email: momo-langohr@gmx.de or call 0049 (0)6866 1510161 (Annemie Marson)

Address: 6, Bescher Strassse, D-66706 Perl (Tettingen-Butzdorf)